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Water analysis of well water (38 test values)
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Water analysis of well water (38 test values)

Find out all the important values for the quality of your drinking water, ideal for well water or spring water, drinking water analysis and bacteria test including: iron, manganese, nitrate, total coliform bacteria

Water analysis drinking water / tap water (35 test values)
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Water analysis drinking water / tap water (35 test values)

Ideal for drinking water, for example for pipes that are over 10 years old or if the water is to be used for baby food - Water analysis: drinking water, 35 test values including: iron, manganese, nitrate, heavy metals

Water analysis / water test for bacteria
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Water analysis / water test for bacteria

Comprehensive water analysis of your water sample in an accredited partner laboratory for coliform bacteria, E. coli, enterococci, pseudomonads and total bacterial counts at 22/36°C

Online water analysis: your steps to pure water

  1. First step: Your sample collection kit will be sent to you within 24 hours by our partner laboratory.
  2. Second step: You can easily take the water sample yourself. The easy-to-understand instructions provided make taking the sample child's play.
  3. Third step: Send the sample back with the return material you have already prepared. You can view your test results online and also receive clear recommendations for action.

The importance of clean tap water

Water is essential for us humans. We need between one and 2.5 liters of drinking water every day, depending on our age and living conditions. The quality of the water plays a crucial role - and this does not only apply to drinking water. The water we use to cook our food should also be of high quality, as vegetables, pasta or rice absorb some of the cooking water. In particular, people who lead a healthy and conscious lifestyle and who attach particular importance to their diet for various reasons should know the quality of the water they use every day.

Risk factor: The journey through the water pipe

Bottled water is guaranteed to have a basic quality. Tap water is also only released by the waterworks after numerous analyses. But on the way to our homes, this water can absorb many undesirable substances that can be harmful to health. Therefore, a water analysis of your own drinking water can be very informative. The main dangers on the way through the water pipes are old pipes made of harmful materials and bacteria that can affect the quality of the tap water. Without a water analysis, these potential health risks often go undetected.

Heavy metals in drinking water

Until 1973, lead pipes were used for water pipes in many buildings. Although lead pipes are banned, lead residues can still be found in old buildings. Lead is a heavy metal that can have a serious impact on health. Babies, children, pregnant women and people with pre-existing conditions are particularly at risk from lead in water. In addition to lead, excessive amounts of nickel, copper or iron can also get into the water through corrosion. A water analysis that can be ordered online and carried out in simple steps shows exactly whether and to what extent the drinking water is contaminated with heavy metals.

Bacteria in drinking water

The bacterial pathogens in tap water include mainly E. coli and other coliform bacteria, which can enter the drinking water network under various circumstances. An infection with these bacteria manifests itself in nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain and can be particularly harmful for older people, sick people and babies. If coliform bacteria are detected in drinking water, appropriate countermeasures can be taken and the cause of the contamination can be determined.

Legionella: A source of dangerous diseases

Water contamination with legionella is particularly dangerous. These bacteria thrive primarily in warm water. They are always present in small numbers in groundwater. However, if they multiply uncontrollably and enter the pipe system, they can pose a serious health threat. They enter the human respiratory tract through aerosols when showering or when water is nebulized and can cause pneumonia. These infections are particularly dangerous for immunocompromised people and children and can even be fatal.

Why water analysis is important

Every day we take water from the tap into our bodies. Therefore, it should be of particularly high quality. A water analysis can be used to quickly and easily find out whether and what the tap water may be contaminated with. Appropriate countermeasures can then be taken. The water analysis is ordered online and is easy for anyone to carry out. The sample kit for taking the water is sent by post and the water is sent back to the laboratory immediately after it has been taken. This simple process can be a big step towards better health prevention.

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