Water treatment in industry offers many fields of activity. If you are looking for a water treatment system for your company, we would be happy to advise you. Thanks to our many years of experience and our excellently trained employees, your Alfiltra water experts always offer the right solution. Our competent product consultants are happy to assist you with the planning. Our craftsmen and master craftsmen are also well equipped to install and maintain your water treatment system.

Decalcification systems for industry

In the industrial sector, high demands are placed on water; it is often sufficient to descale the water for production or operation. A decalcification system removes calcium and magnesium from the water. This ensures that the water hardness is reduced. In many industrial areas, soft, lime-free water is mandatory in order to protect the expensive machines and production facilities.

Osmosis systems for industry

In cases where lime-free water is not sufficient, there is the option of cleaning the water using an osmosis system. Osmosis systems remove almost all substances from the water. The "purity" of the water is measured by the conductivity of the water. In various areas, a conductivity of less than 10 µS is required. This can usually be achieved with a reverse osmosis system . If even higher requirements are imposed, the conductivity can be further reduced with the help of additional steps.

Ultrapure water system

An ultrapure water system is a water treatment system for producing ultrapure water. Ultrapure water is often required in professional applications. A common definition of ultrapure water states that one requirement is conductivity, namely less than 1 µS/cm. It is possible to reliably guarantee production with ultrapure water with such a water treatment system.

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