What does your water have to be able to do?

The Alfiltra water experts have a solution for every water treatment problem. Whether you have well water, sea water or contaminated water, we can meet your needs.

Any type of water, no matter how contaminated it is, can be treated and converted into drinking water in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance, lime-free water or, in the industrial sector, into demineralized water or even ultrapure water.

Which system do you need?

The system that can ultimately treat your water in the best possible way depends on your initial water situation and your desired result. Our systems can be combined with each other in a variety of ways and can be switched one after the other. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our employees for advice.

For private use, drinking water is primarily required in accordance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance. Depending on the type of untreated water, different water treatment systems can be used. Especially in rural areas, more measures need to be taken to combat contaminated water because, for example, the water can contain more nitrates or iron. A de-iron removal or denitrification system would be perfect here.

Bacteria, on the other hand, like to nest in warm pipes. Of course, UV disinfection for drinking water or a reverse osmosis system or simple filtration are ideal for this.

If you also want soft water, you can use a softening system. However, some systems such as the reverse osmosis system or the iron removal system also carry out softening. If you want to reduce the load on your actual system so that the device's capacity is exhausted less quickly, you can of course still have a softening system installed in front of it. Softening systems are suitable for an apartment building, individual apartments or even a single-family home.

Private or industrial?

In principle, even higher requirements apply to industry . Food production usually requires water obtained through reverse osmosis or softened, for example in breweries. The water must be absolutely germ-free and it is also useful to use softened water for production. However, electrically conductive water is actually more of a hindrance for electrical engineering and other processes. VE water or ultrapure water is required here. Reverse osmosis also plays a role here, and mixed-bed resin is also used to produce ultra-pure water. The water obtained can only be used for industrial or medical purposes, as it can cause extreme harm to humans due to its very low nutrient values.

Two glasses are filled with different water to illustrate the different water treatment requirements

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