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REOS Plug & Play Umkehrosmoseanlage mit Enthärtungsanlage
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REOS Plug & Play Umkehrosmoseanlage mit Enthärtungsanlage

Water connection: DN20 - 3/4''
Wasserbedarf tägl. ca.: bis max. 15.000 Liter
Nominal flow (max. flow): bis 0,6 mÂł/h
  • Ideal zur Eigenproduktion von VE-Wasser (vollentsalztem Wasser) für Ihre Produktionsschritte: entfernt bis zu 99% von Schwermetallen, Uran, Calcium, Natrium, Nitrat, medizinischen Rückständen, Mikroorganismen und Salzen.
  • Vormontierte Kompaktbauweise: Komplett vormontiert auf einem robusten Aluminiumrahmen für einfache Installation.
  • Effiziente Wasserenthärtung: Vorgeschaltete Wasserenthärtungsanlage für optimalen Wirkungsgrad.
  • Automatisches Spülsystem: Gewährleistet den bestmöglichen Wirkungsgrad und eine optimale Standzeit der Membranen.
  • Hochleistungstechnologie: Ausgestattet mit SPS-Controller und Fernadministration über USB oder Serial via Internet.
  • Hohe Kapazität: Ideal für einen Wasserverbrauch von 4 bis 15 m³ pro Tag.
  • Maximale Effizienz: Permeatleistung bis zu 75% bei Wasserhärte 0° dH.
  • Industrie- und Großverbraucherlösung: Entwickelt für den Einsatz in industriellen und gewerblichen Anwendungen.

Softening system and reverse osmosis system in one device

Our plug & play systems are a real innovation. Why? With our combination devices, we offer you a softening system and a reverse osmosis system on one frame. The special thing about this is that everything is already completely piped, which means you don't need to pay a technician to pipe the systems. The two systems are also electronically connected.

Quality for the highest demands

In addition to the stable frame, we pay attention to the highest quality of the components. We only use components from well-known manufacturers.

Do you need less water?

We would be happy to supply you with deionized water that has already been treated according to your requirements

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Jul 25, 2022
Runs and runs and runs. :-)
Rocco S.
Feb 18, 2022
Easy to use, great system
Marc S.
Jun 5, 2021
Certainly the right decision for a single-family household...
Certainly the right decision for a single-family household. It's easy to use and the water tastes much better...
Wolfgang H.
Nov 4, 2020
Very good workmanship, runs without any problems.

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Product: REOS Plug & Play reverse osmosis system with water softener

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Our industrial reverse osmosis systems achieve a conductivity of less than 10 µS. The system has a built-in display to monitor the conductivity. If a lower conductivity is to be achieved, we recommend using a mixed bed cartridge after the osmosis system. You can find this under the system accessories.

Product: ZIP reverse osmosis system

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Yes, that is the big advantage of this system. It can be operated anywhere where there is electricity. The water to be treated is simply poured into the tank.

Product: ZIP reverse osmosis system

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This system does not require any installation. Like a fully automatic coffee machine, it is simply placed on a table or in the kitchen, filled with water and connected to the power supply. The treated water ends up in a tank and can be easily removed.

Product: REOS HOME under-counter reverse osmosis system

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Here you have to distinguish between two operating modes:

  • Standby mode : The tank is full and no water is being drawn off. In this case, the system does not make any noise.
  • Treatment mode : Water has been drawn off or the tank is being initially filled. In this case, the pump starts to increase efficiency. When the pump is running, the noise level of the system is less than 40 decibels (assuming it is in a closed cabinet), which is about the volume of a quiet conversation or quiet background noise in a library. This makes it ideal for use in kitchens, offices or practices where peace and quiet and a disturbance-free environment are important. The pump switches off immediately when the tank has been refilled (within a few minutes).

Product: REOS HOME under-counter reverse osmosis system

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The REOS HOME system is primarily designed for the filtration of tap water. Here are the details of the different types of water that can be filtered:

  • Tap water: The system is ideal for filtering municipal tap water. It effectively removes contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, uranium, calcium, sodium, nitrate, medical residues and microorganisms up to 99%.

  • Well water: The system can also filter well water, provided it meets the basic requirements for raw water for reverse osmosis systems. Well water can contain varying amounts of sediment and contaminants, so it is important to test the water quality before installation. A coarser pre-filter and in some cases an iron filter may be necessary before the system.

  • Rainwater: With appropriate pre-filtration, the system can also filter rainwater. However, it is recommended that the water is first pre-treated using sediment and carbon filters to remove larger particles and organic contaminants. Please note, however, that with rainwater, the filter replacement intervals can vary greatly (depending on the level of contamination).

  • Spring water: The system can also be used to filter spring water if the water is first tested for gross impurities and pretreated if necessary.

  • For all of the water types mentioned, it is important to ensure that the water quality meets the requirements of the reverse osmosis system to ensure optimal performance and service life of the filters. If there is any uncertainty about the water quality, a water analysis should be carried out and additional pre-filters installed if necessary.

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