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Alfiltra water treatment


Alfiltra – your water experts for commercial and private solutions

There are many regional differences and peculiarities when it comes to drinking water . Personal preferences and requirements often require quality control and – if necessary – correction. At Alfiltra GmbH, we have made it our mission to provide you with the necessary service and the right products.

We equip you with various filter systems and take care of assembly and installation for you. Apart from that, we start much earlier. If you wish, we can carry out a comprehensive water analysis in our partner laboratory. Let us advise you and benefit from years of experience and growing know-how in our specialist field.

Quality for the highest demands

constant quality control

✓ We only sell products that we are 100% convinced of

✓ All products are designed for a long service life

✓ Guaranteed tightness (in-house pressure testing)

Reliability first

✓ Reliable technology, some of which has been tested for decades

✓ Low downtime guaranteed

✓ We prefer to use components from well-known manufacturers

A thumbs up for the quality of the highest demands of water treatment from the professionals at Alfiltra

Save up to 50%

Fair price-performance ratio

✓ up to 50% cheaper than your local installer

✓ Price advantage through direct sales from the factory

✓ fair and transparent pricing

✓ low follow-up costs due to low consumption

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Assembly service

Own factory customer service

✓ You can have our products installed and maintained in Germany by our professional factory customer service.

✓ Trained staff from our own master workshop

✓ Smooth communication thanks to German-speaking specialists

Further information on assembly service

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Purchase on account possible

Shopping without risk

✓ With us you can buy without risk and can conveniently pay by invoice (from 500 € purchase value for shipping to Germany).

✓ Other payment methods are possible: Paypal, direct debit, credit card and advance payment with 2% discount

Further information on payment methods

Payment Methods

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Free shipping*

✓ Shipping to Germany is free for orders over 250 €.

✓ We ship with DHL and DHL Freight

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Real testimonials

  • Detailed reports with real customer photos
  • Filter reports by asset type
  • Get an idea of possible modifications
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When is water treatment necessary?

The water quality in Germany is predominantly good to very good. However, this does not mean that the properties of the water are similar everywhere. Preventive measures in industrial facilities or in private areas are sensible. AL-FIL-TRA stands for the promise of thoroughly filtering your water using suitable equipment and systems. One of the best-known values in this context is the lime content . But that's not all, we also remove:

The list is by no means over. We regularly train ourselves to continuously develop and modernize our diverse offerings for you. Our service begins with advice and recording the current status. As we continue, we decide which products might be of interest to you. Our product portfolio includes water softening systems, reverse osmosis systems, iron, nitrate and other filters.

What does the Alfiltra service include?

If you are interested in new equipment with filters, we are the right people to contact. We will advise you on the technical systems and send them to you. We will be at your side during assembly or subsequent maintenance. Our experts ensure that you can rely on our products for many years to come. We only sell tested, high-quality branded goods that we are absolutely convinced of.

In terms of service life, we not only focus on quality, but also on sustainability and protecting the environment. We remain connected to you and will continue to be your advisor long after the purchase. If necessary, we will send technicians to your company, industrial plant or home.

Service offering at a glance:

  • Water analyses
  • Filters, disinfection, softening and other systems
  • Accessories
  • 5 year warranty
  • Assembly and maintenance work
  • Water treatment in households, industry and commerce
  • Distribution of demineralized water (DE)

When it comes to water treatment , we provide you with comprehensive advice on the options available. We provide you with real experts for installation, commissioning and carrying out the treatment. That is why we send out our experienced craftsmen and master craftsmen. In most cases, this involves one or more of the following measures: softening , disinfection or reverse osmosis . The latter is a physical process in which the components - water and dirt particles - are separated from one another without the use of chemicals. This is done even more precisely than with a fine filter. The result is a very delicate filtering of the water, under environmentally friendly conditions in a small space.

With Alfiltra GmbH you always have the right contact person

Would you like a water treatment system for your private household ? We will take care of it. Depending on your living situation, we will choose a system for your apartment, single-family home or multi-family home together. We advise builders on the installation of wells and the treatment of well water. For this purpose, we can also carry out a water analysis if requested.

For our industrial customers, we recommend larger treatment plants and cater to different industries and the associated requirements. We are very familiar with container systems, industrial cleaning , catering, medicine and many other fields. Rely on our expertise and come to us with all your concerns and questions! We look forward to hearing from you and welcome you to Alfiltra, your water expert!

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Product: BASIC water softening system

5 upvotes 1 answers

The resin cartridges in your Basic 40 softening system generally do not need to be replaced because they regenerate themselves. The regeneration of the resin is an automated process that takes place during the cleaning cycles of the system. Here are some details:

  • Regeneration process: During regeneration, the resin is flushed with a salt solution, which dissolves and removes the accumulated calcium and magnesium ions (which are responsible for water hardness) from the resin. This “renews” the resin and can be used effectively to soften water again.

  • Regular cleaning: This regeneration is carried out regularly, depending on the amount of water used and the hardness of the water. In a 4-person household with a water hardness of 20° dH, the system will regenerate more frequently to ensure efficiency.

  • No replacement necessary: As long as the system is properly maintained and the regenerating salt is topped up regularly, the resin cartridges do not need to be replaced. However, you should regularly inspect and maintain the system to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

  • In summary, the resin cartridges in your Basic 40 system are maintained effectively by the built-in regeneration process and therefore do not require regular replacement.

    Product: DUPLEX water softening system

    2 upvotes 1 answers
    Yes, we would be happy to offer you a suitable maintenance contract.

    Product: BASIC water softening system

    2 upvotes 1 answers
    According to DIN, maintenance should be carried out by a specialist at least every 12 months

    Product: Water hardness test kit 1 reagent

    2 upvotes 1 answers
    The color always changes from the first drop. If the water hardness is greater than 0, the solution will initially turn red. You then count from the first drop until the solution turns green. If your water hardness is 0, the solution will immediately turn green.

    Product: BASIC water softening system

    1 upvotes 1 answers

    It is best to let the salt empty until the water is visible.
    Then refill and ideally not full to the brim so that there is not too much weight on the salt.

    If you keep filling the container without waiting until you see the water at the bottom, clumps can occur.

    Product: BASIC water softening system in a carefree package

    1 upvotes 1 answers
    We normally work with photos of the on-site situation, which our fitters look at.
    If our fitters are not completely sure, we are happy to offer an on-site appointment. But this is the absolute exception.

    Product: Connection set Basic 1'' with bypass function (75 cm hoses)

    1 upvotes 1 answers
    Theoretically this is possible. However, we advise against this as you will then lose the option of putting the system on bypass. If a problem arises with the system, you can simply open the two outer taps and close the middle one. The system is then “off the grid” and you still have water in the house.

    Product: BASIC Enthärtungsanlage

    1 upvotes 1 answers

    Installing a water softening system requires a certain level of technical understanding and craftsmanship. Installation typically involves installing a bypass valve and connecting to a sewer for regeneration cycles. Special tools and materials are required for installation. This includes pipe cutters, wrenches, Teflon tape and, if necessary, additional pipe fittings and connecting parts.

    Product: DUPLEX-PRO 1.25" softener

    0 upvotes 1 answers
    A dosing system is not absolutely necessary and is also not mandatory.
    The connection fitting is not included automatically.
    We recommend that you order the connection set. It contains everything you need, see: You are welcome to request a quote so that we can put together the right system with accessories and assembly for you.

    0 upvotes 1 answers
    Private customers (single-family home)

    For private customers, an on-site inspection is not necessary in most cases. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can use a few details from you to quickly assess whether and at what cost we can install the system for you, or what system you need. The best way to do this is to take a few photos with your smartphone . The photos and the travel costs saved create a cost advantage for us and therefore for you too.

    Multi-family houses and property management

    Even in apartment buildings, the house installations are usually designed in such a way that the installation of a water treatment system is possible without any problems. In order to estimate the costs, a photo of the installation on site is often sufficient. If you would still like to view the site, please contact us.

    Commercial customers (B2B)

    For commercial projects, the question of a viewing depends on the type of project. Here, it must be considered on a case-by-case basis whether a viewing makes sense. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

    Satisfied costumers

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