VE water

VE water is an abbreviation for fully demineralised water. There are many different names for this type of water, such as demineralized water, ultrapure water or distilled water. Basically, all terms mean the same thing.

As the term “ultra-pure water” suggests, this term refers to water in its purest form. This water only has extremely low levels of pollutants or other substances in general. Since all ions, i.e. electrically charged particles, are removed, it is no longer electrically conductive and does not leave any residue behind.

These properties are particularly desired by customers in the commercial sector, as demineralised water's purity makes it well suited for the electrical industry, electroplating industry or medical technology. However, it is largely unsuitable for private use as it can be extremely harmful to the body. It is therefore completely unusable as drinking water because not only pollutants but also all the minerals essential for the body have been removed from the water.

To produce the water, mixed bed resin is first required. To ensure that its capacity is not used up too quickly, the mixed bed process is often also used with another method, such as reverse osmosis.

If you don't need particularly large quantities of demineralised water, you can also purchase it from us.

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