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Christian v.
Dec 6, 2021
After a few weeks the function is problem-free. One...
After a few weeks the function is problem-free. An overall assessment is only possible after longer use.
Andreas I.
Nov 15, 2019
Good job

Latest Questions

Product: PENTA multi-filter system

Answer: First the 80 μm pre-filter is installed, then the Penta system and then the carbon followed by the 20 μm sediment filter.

Product: PENTA multi-filter system

Answer: For well water systems (Penta), the resin should be changed every 5 years during major maintenance. We would be happy to make you a suitable offer.

Product: FCA 30 deacidification system

Answer: Regarding the ALFILTRA FCA 30 deacidification system and the calcite refill requirement: Over the course of use, the amount of calcite, which serves as the main medium for water deacidification, will gradually decrease. This is a normal process caused by the continuous neutralization of the acid in the water. Instead of a complete replacement, only regular replenishment of the calcite is required to maintain the system's effective function. This filling can easily be done by purchasing calcite in bags from us as accessories. It is important to note that the frequency of refills depends on various factors, including the water quality and water usage in your home or business. We recommend checking calcite levels regularly and refilling as necessary to ensure continuous and efficient deacidification of your water.

Product: Mixed bed complete demineralization cartridge 50 liters

Answer: This refers to the connection of the mixed-bed demineralization cartridge into the pipeline. This can be easily disconnected and reconnected for maintenance or replacement work.

Product: PENTA multi-filter system

Answer: The resin in this filter system is designed for a pH range of 5 to 9, meaning it should work even at a pH of 6, where the water is slightly acidic. However, you should note that although the resin can work in this pH range, slightly acidic water (pH 6) is not ideal for use as drinking water. In the long term, acidic water can cause corrosion in pipes and affect the taste of the water. If you plan to use the filtered water as drinking water, it is recommended to also install a deacidification system. Such a system can increase the pH of the water and make it more neutral, which is not only beneficial for iron filtration but also improves the quality of drinking water and protects your plumbing.

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