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Jan 31, 2024, 14:01:52

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If you have an increased nitrate content in your drinking water, you should reduce the nitrate concentration. There are basically two ways you can filter nitrate from water. One variant is a nitrate filter based on ion exchange, the second option is a reverse osmosis system.

Both procedures offer their advantages and disadvantages. We would be happy to explain the properties of the filtration options mentioned to reduce nitrates.

Nitrate filter ion exchange – Reduce nitrate throughout the house

An ion exchanger only filters nitrate from the water. Similar to a softening system, a nitrate filter is installed directly after the house connection and supplies the entire household with nitrate-free drinking water. The advantage is that you can drink the water anywhere in the house without hesitation because all of the water is denitrated. A nitrate filter requires special salt for water softening systems to operate so that the ion exchange can work. Annual costs for operating the nitrate filter are in the double-digit range, more or less depending on water consumption. To be on the safe side, annual maintenance should also be carried out.

The disadvantage of a nitrate filter is the purchase cost of over €1,000.

Reverse osmosis filter

A reverse osmosis filter is very compact and is usually installed in the kitchen, preferably under the sink. The big advantage is that a reverse osmosis system not only filters nitrate from the water, but 99% of the substances. The filtered water is free of heavy metals and other polluted substances. Among other things, an osmosis system also filters the limescale out of the water, making osmosis water ideal for making tea or coffee because limescale deposits no longer form.

The disadvantage of reverse osmosis is that the filter can only be used in the kitchen for a relatively small amount of water. The rest of the house is not supplied with nitrate-free water.

Where can I get a nitrate filter or a reverse osmosis system?

There are specialized dealers for water treatment systems. For example, Alfiltra has been successfully offering nitrate filters and osmosis systems for years. Alfiltra offers high-quality devices at fair prices. The advantage is that you get everything from a single source, because Alfiltra offers all devices with installation and service.

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