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Mar 20, 2023
The customer service was very nice and helped us a lot...
The customer service was very nice and helped us a lot. The facility is highly recommended.
Mar 6, 2023
Good experience so far
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Currently very good
Feb 4, 2023
Currently very good
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Latest Questions

Product: DUPLEX water softening system in a carefree package

Answer: There is no obligation for such a measurement because the water complies with the Drinking Water Ordinance either way. As a rule, it is sufficient to check the system every 12 months as part of maintenance.

Product: BASIC softening plant

Answer: This is a complex topic that is controversially discussed on the Internet. The first thing that should be mentioned is that these days mainly plastic pipes are used and no corrosion is to be expected. When water is softened using ion exchange, no CO2 is released and the pH value of the water is not changed. This would look different if the water was treated using reverse osmosis, for example. It is known that copper pipes are subject to a certain degree of corrosion regardless of the quality of drinking water. However, this corrosion is usually so low that copper is considered a durable material. The low corrosion rate of copper in drinking water results from the formation of a coating on the surface of the material consisting of various copper compounds. This layer is reinforced by small amounts of embedded lime, which increases its anti-corrosion effect. In softened water, this limescale deposit is missing, which can reduce the protective function of the top layer. Nevertheless, the protective effect is sufficiently strong to generally prevent corrosion damage over human generations. In summary, there is no absolute freedom from corrosion in copper pipes in drinking water systems. Although water softening has an influence on the protective top layer in the pipes, it only has a negligible impact on their service life. If you had problems with corrosion before installing a softening system, then you should think about installing a dosing system or replacing the pipes.

Product: DUPLEX softening plant

Answer: The DUPLEX softening system is designed so that the wastewater resulting from regeneration is drained away efficiently, even without the use of an additional pump. Thanks to the plant's advanced design and efficient use of existing water pressure, it is able to pump wastewater to a height of up to 2.5 meters. This capability allows for flexible installation of the system as the wastewater hose can be connected directly to a higher wastewater pipe without the need for additional pumping devices. This represents a significant advantage by expanding installation options while keeping operating costs low as no additional energy is required for a wastewater pump. However, please use an open system such as a funnel for the wastewater connection (the hose must be attached to prevent it from slipping out).

Product: DUPLEX softening plant

Answer: There are a few requirements that must be met so that the resin is not damaged (for example the correct pH value). For this reason, the systems are generally only suitable for drinking water. However, the exact values are important and there are options to adjust the values beforehand if desired. In such cases, we would be happy to make you an individual offer.

Product: DUPLEX softening plant

Answer: Yes, we would be happy to offer you a suitable maintenance contract.

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