Legionella protection systems

Our reliable solution against legionella

The FILTRAPROTECT LEGIONELLA system is simply inserted into the existing pipe network. The dosing systems constantly dose a certain amount of BAXERO into your drinking water. BAXERO is a new and innovative solution to completely destroy biofilm. BAXERO complies with the Drinking Water Ordinance and meets all relevant legal requirements.

The advantages of BAXERO

  • Water disinfection with depot effect
  • Complete degradation of biofilms without the use of hazardous substances or heat treatment
  • Resource-saving thanks to low application concentration
  • Reliable Legionella control even in cold water lines
  • Non-toxic, free of harmful substances and pH-neutral
  • No known resistance
  • Also suitable for people who are hypersensitive to chlorine

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Rolf H.
Nov 4, 2019
Device works well.
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Sep 25, 2019

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Product: Spektron UV disinfection system with DVGW

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Yes, the devices in the Aquada series meet the technical specifications, but the manufacturer has not presented them for certification by the DVGW. This is only the case with devices in the Spektron series. These are DVGW certified.

If you would like to use a system from the Aquada series, you must first clarify with your responsible authority (health department) whether the use of such a device is recognized.

Product: Spektron UV disinfection system with DVGW

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The disinfection of cloudy water with a UV disinfection system, such as the Spektron UV system with DVGW certification, may be limited. Here are some points to consider:

  • Effectiveness in case of turbidity: The effectiveness of UV disinfection depends heavily on the clarity of the water. Cloudy water can absorb or scatter UV rays, making them less effective at inactivating microorganisms. Particles in water can "hide" microorganisms, meaning they are not exposed to the full intensity of UV radiation.

  • Pre-filtration recommended: For effective UV disinfection of cloudy water, pre-filtration is usually recommended to reduce turbidity. By removing particles and suspended matter in the water, UV radiation can work more efficiently.

  • Checking water quality: Before using a UV disinfection system, water quality, including turbidity, should be checked.

  • Regular Maintenance: To ensure effective disinfection, it is important to regularly maintain and clean the UV lamp and quartz housing, as deposits on these parts can also affect UV transmission.

  • In summary, although it is possible to disinfect cloudy water with a UV system, it may be necessary to perform additional steps such as pre-filtration to ensure the effectiveness of the disinfection. We would be happy to create an individual offer for you.

    Product: Aquada Altima UV disinfection system

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    There are important guidelines to follow when using UV disinfection systems for drinking water treatment in Germany. According to a statement from the Federal Health Office, only type-tested systems should be used for drinking water applications and it is recommended that a sensor should be available to display the irradiance.

    The systems in the Aquada series from WEDECO, which also includes the Altima, meet the technical requirements, but are not certified by the DVGW (German Gas and Water Association). In contrast, the devices in the Spektron series from WEDECO are DVGW certified. If you want to use a system from the Aquada series in your household, you should therefore coordinate in advance with the responsible authority, such as the health department, to ensure that the use of the device is recognized.

    In addition, the Federal Health Office points out that UV irradiation alone does not ensure disinfection of the distribution system (such as water pipes). If there is existing contamination in the pipe network or house installation, disinfection with chlorine is necessary. In this context, we recommend flushing the pipes with our Baxero product to ensure that the pipes are germ-free. This flushing can be repeated annually if necessary to ensure consistently high water quality.

    Product: Spektron UV disinfection system with DVGW

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    We are very pleased that you are interested in a combination of UV-C system and water softening system. We currently do not offer these two systems as an integrated complete system. However, this does not mean that we are unable to create a tailor-made solution for your specific needs.

    To ensure we can provide you with the best possible offer, we would like you to provide us with some details about your exact water needs and specific requirements. With this information we can put together an optimal combination of UV-C system and water softening system that is tailored precisely to your needs.

    Our team of experts is committed to providing you with an efficient and effective solution that ensures your water is not only soft but also free of bacteria and viruses. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to develop the perfect solution for your water quality needs.

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