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  • Housing variants of our Filtrasoft softening systems
  • Control valves of our softening systems
  • At what level of hardness is a decalcification system worthwhile?
  • What does water hardness mean?
  • Benefits of soft water
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Latest Questions

Product: BASIC softening plant

Answer: Installing a water softening system requires a certain level of technical understanding and craftsmanship. Installation typically involves installing a bypass valve and connecting to a sewer for regeneration cycles. Special tools and materials are required for installation. This includes pipe cutters, wrenches, Teflon tape and, if necessary, additional pipe fittings and connecting parts.

Product: BASIC softening plant

Answer: The wastewater can be transported upwards from the system up to 3 m. However, from the highest point, the hose must continue with a gradient of around 2%. In addition, the wastewater should be led into an open outlet (e.g. funnel).

Product: BASIC softening system in a worry-free package

Answer: We would be happy to offer you the appropriate maintenance for your device. According to DIN, maintenance should be carried out by a specialist at least every 12 months.

Product: BASIC softening system in a worry-free package

Answer: This is entirely up to you. However, please make sure you use the correct type of salt and that the salt complies with EN 973 Type A. The advantage of ordering through us is that the salt is delivered directly to the curb.

Product: BASIC softening system in a worry-free package

Answer: We plan the assembly for you to take up to 3 hours. If there are no special circumstances, this time frame is sufficient.

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