Our drinking water is our most important food - and therefore your trust in our quality of experience!

Our staff will provide knowledge and experience of more than 10 years working with the water technique.

Our products are produced with utmost care and undergo regular quality controls.

Alfiltra Lager

Service & Consulting

Then you can depend on us for:

     years of experience in water engineering
     expert advice on the phone, by mail and intercept in our water-forum
     low prices, because supply directly from the factory with no middlemen
     Installation service for most products

We offer solutions for the following problems:

     Hard water in the home and in operation
     Iron or manganese pollution of the water
     Nitrate contamination of water
     Conductance at high
     Bacterial load, and coliform and Escherichia coliform bacteria
     General exposure to drug residues (antibiotics and estrogens, etc.)
     Radioactive contamination of drinking water
     sediment loads
     rusty water
     pH is too low (acidic water)
     Pitting corrosion in pipelines

We will advise you personally