The brine from the salt container is not sucked out

Jan 31, 2024, 13:56:10

Do you have a softening system, iron filter system, nitrate filter system and the brine is not extracted or the water level in the salt container is too high?

Possible causes

Waste water cannot flow away

  1. Please check whether water flows out of the wastewater hose during regeneration. If not, please check the route of the wastewater hose. Is there a kink?
  2. Does the wastewater have to overcome several gradients (please only lay the wastewater in such a way that only one gradient has to be overcome)?
  3. Does the wastewater have to be transported too high? Please ensure a maximum wastewater height of 2 meters measured from the control valve.

Water pressure too low

Please ensure that there is a minimum pressure of 2 bar at the inlet. Otherwise your water treatment system cannot regenerate correctly.

Clogged component in the control valve (injector / DLFC)

There are injectors in the control valve that can (in rare cases) become clogged. In this case the injector must be cleaned. This repair must be carried out by our factory customer service. Please contact us.

Brine pipe not tight

The brine pipe may not be tight. This can happen if the line is not properly connected to either the valve or the Air-Check.