The time flashes on the control valve (Clack WS1)

Feb 15, 2024, 10:54:22

Error description: The time flashes on the control valve display.


Affected systems: FILTRASOFT Basic, Duplex, Duplex-Pro, Duplex-Pro-Plus, FILTRASELECT Penta, FILTRASELECT NO3, FILTRASELECT Plug & Play

Possible causes:

Power interruption / power failure

If you had a power outage or the power supply was unplugged for a long time, the time may flash afterwards. Please set the time to the correct time. To do this, please press the “Set Clock” button. You can set the time using the up/down arrow keys. Confirm your entry for the hours and minutes with the “Set Clock” button.

battery empty

The control valve has a button cell battery installed. This battery stores settings such as the time. If it is empty, it must be replaced. This can be done during maintenance.