The packaging is badly damaged. What should I do?

Feb 15, 2024, 10:54:26

If the packaging is badly damaged when your goods arrive, you should ideally not accept the goods. If you refuse acceptance, the goods will be returned to us.

You are welcome to contact us immediately after the refusal to let us know.
As soon as we receive confirmation of the return from the transport service provider, we will send you the new goods.

When is my packaging severely damaged?

By severely damaged goods we mean the following cases:

  • Packaging is torn open in places, revealing the contents of the goods
  • Packaging was repaired / package was obviously opened (we always use blue packaging tape with our logo for packaging, if this was covered with another adhesive tape, it was most likely repaired)

The package was accepted despite severe damage?

Don't panic, this isn't the end of the world yet. But it makes it more difficult for us to have the goods replaced by the insurance company. The individual case must be examined here. Please contact us as soon as possible and ideally take photos of all sides.


(Example: transport damage)

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