What does worry-free package mean?

Feb 15, 2024, 10:54:19

Table of Contents

Do you want clean, clear, decalcified water?

No problem, because in our worry-free package everything is done in just a few steps.


1. The facility

Find the system that is right for you in our comprehensive range.
We have a solution for every problem. We are happy to assist you by telephone on 07251 936760 or by email .

We recommend that you take a few pictures on site with your smartphone or camera in order to clarify any conversion costs in advance.
further information about sending the pictures


2. Make an appointment

After you have ordered the system by telephone, fax, email or via our online shop , you will be contacted by our office within approx. 1-2 weeks to arrange an appointment for installation.


3. Assembly

Our master installer will bring your softening system and all the necessary materials with him to the installation appointment. Only the salt is delivered separately for transport reasons.

Please note that the water will be turned off for approximately 1 hour.


4. Requirements

  1. Enough space for the softening system near the main water connection
    and 30 cm of free pipe after the water meter
  2. A free socket in the immediate vicinity of the system
  3. Sewage access, this can be up to 2 meters high

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