I need demineralised water (fully desalinated water)

Jan 31, 2024, 14:45:34

VE water (fully desalinated water) is used wherever the purest possible water is needed. This can be the case, for example, during production steps or when cleaning with water. VE water is not drinking water.


The conductance

The crucial parameter here is the conductance. The lower the conductivity, the purer the water is. The conductance is usually given in microsiemens. For a conductivity of 5 to 10 microsiemens, we recommend our reverse osmosis systems . For a conductance below one microsiemens, a mixed bed cartridge is used after reverse osmosis.

We generally recommend using a softening system if the water hardness is more than 10 °dH. This increases the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane and the efficiency of the system.

Buy water or make it yourself?

If you need demineralized water, you generally have two options: 1. You produce the water yourself (we would be happy to make you an offer for this). 2. You buy the water from us. We recommend the second option for small amounts of water of less than 1 mÂł per month.

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