How long does it take to regenerate a softening system?

Jan 31, 2024, 14:00:43

The duration of the regeneration of a softening system depends on the size and capacity. A small softening system for a single-family home requires around an hour per regeneration. The larger the system capacity becomes, the more exchange resin has to be regenerated. This also increases the duration of regeneration. For large softening systems in apartment buildings or in industry, regeneration can take two or three hours.

The duration of regeneration is relevant for single-family homes. Here, only softening systems with one column are usually installed. During regeneration, only hard water is supplied. Therefore, regeneration should take place when hardly any water is needed, such as at night. Even if smaller amounts of water are taken out, it is not softened, but mixes again with the soft water in the pipes.

With our duplex softening systems, the regeneration break does not have to be taken into account. The systems work in pendulum mode, the columns alternate during operation. As soon as the capacity of one column is exhausted, the second column takes over the softening while the first one regenerates. This ensures smooth operation.

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