How do I carry out a drinking water analysis?

Feb 15, 2024, 10:54:31

With a new laboratory partner, Alfiltra now offers highly accurate, professionally carried out water analyzes for your drinking water in our shop.

There are various categories for you to choose from. On the one hand you will find a basic drinking water test, but also analyzes that are designed for bacteria-rich water or well water.

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After your order, you will receive your special water test set and the necessary utensils for return shipping. In order for your water to be tested by our partner, all you have to do is send your sample back in the container provided and you can view your results online after just 4-9 days. Of course, the analysis is carried out in a laboratory, which means that the examination takes place at the highest level.

When and why should I order a water analysis?

Although water is hygienic and free of heavy metals once it comes from a wastewater treatment plant, it can be contaminated by influences from your environment on its way to you. A common reason for dirty water is copper pipes, which can still be found even in new buildings. But pipes made of other heavy metals, which are particularly likely to be found in old buildings, also pose a possible danger to your tap water. So if you have recently moved into a new apartment or house - with or without a well - and are aware of its purity If you are not completely sure of your water, it is definitely worth requesting a water test. The same applies if you are expecting a child and are concerned about your baby's health.

If you have lived in your home for a long time, there may be specific signs that your water is contaminated. If your water has a strange taste or smell, small particles or a noticeable or cloudy color, a water analysis can give you precise information about how you can most effectively remove limescale, dirt or bacteria from your water.

Why is a water analysis worthwhile?

Through a water analysis you will find out which water treatment system is right for your needs. This saves you imprecise considerations and you can be sure that your cleaning system is really a worthwhile purchase.

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