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Feb 15, 2024, 10:51:54

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Activated carbon filters are filters that contain activated carbon. Both gases and liquids can be filtered.

Why is it called activated carbon?

Activated carbon is known by many names, for example A-charcoal, carbon filter, medical carbon, etc. The carbon itself is combustible and consists largely of carbon with a highly porous structure.

What are the areas of application for activated carbon filters?

Activated carbon filters have various areas of application, for example in respiratory masks, extractor hoods, in aquariums, in the automotive industry, etc.
Of course also in water technology, more precisely in technical water treatment.

The filters are primarily used in private water treatment to neutralize taste. Due to the high adsorption capacity, dissolved substances such as chlorine or sulfur compounds (hydrogen sulphide), which can lead to unpleasant odors (the smell of rotten eggs), can be removed.
Activated carbon filter systems are used in drinking water treatment, process water treatment and wastewater treatment. However, we will not go into industrial applications here.

What designs do these filters come in?

Activated carbon filters are available in powder and block form.

Block shape activated carbon filter_2.jpg

Powder form filter candle-carbon-big-blue.jpg

The GAC filters (powder form) have a higher flow rate, but must always be operated with a sediment post-filter.

How often should a carbon filter be changed?

Since the activated carbon filters accumulate with the adsorbed substances, the respective replacement recommendations must be strictly adhered to, as if the carbon becomes oversaturated the substances are released back into the water. This achieves the opposite of what was originally intended to happen.
Since activated carbon also stores bacteria, a filter that is not changed in a timely manner can become a real bacteria carrier.

The change intervals for the treatment of drinking water in private households are 6 to a maximum of 12 months. Operators of small reverse osmosis systems should definitely take this into account.

Where can you buy activated carbon filters?

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