Water Treatment for Medicine

We offer you different water treatment solutions for medical uses.


For many laboratory applications high-purity water is used, which corresponds to the highest degree of purity to be reached in general. The water quality needs to be constant so that results cannot be falsified and can be reproduced on an identical level. In order to fulfill these strict requirements, we offer you an exactly suitable water treatment plant for your special needs.

Sterilizers use distilled or demineralized water. This way, the steam for the sterilization is produced. The quality demands for water are very high concerning sterilizers so that the device can function properly. For example, conductance usually has to be lower than 15 µs/cm. No additive chemicals are usually allowed to be added to the demineralized water which is used during the sterilization process. In order to produce the demineralized water yourself, we offer you our reverse osmosis plants and mixed-bed resins.

Every dentist needs lime-free water for his dental chair so that the fine nozzles do not clog. With a Filtrasoft softening plant your whole practice is supplied with soft water. This way, no lime can be found on your expensive devices around your dental chair. A positive side effect: even in your kitchen your coffee machine and your water boiler are supplied with soft water.



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Delivery Time : 2 bis 3 Wochen

Nenndurchfluss (max. Durchfluss):
Wasseranschluss: DN20 - 3/4''
Wasserbedarf tägl. ca.: bis max. 45.000 Liter

Reverse osmosis unit for industrial and bulk consumers, the latest technology in a compact design. Model construction 4-stage membranes. Automatic flushing system for maximum efficiency and optimum service life of the membranes. Pre-mounted on aluminum frames. PLC controller with remote administration via USB or Serial via the Internet.

Ideal for water consumption from 8 to 45 cubic meters per day

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