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High calcium and magnesium content results in raised water hardness. Both elements form unwanted lime, especially when under heat. The lime settles not only on armatures, bath screens, water boilers, and washing machines, but also in pipes where it cannot be seen. Through the years, considerable damage can be caused, which can lead to necessary pipe or device replacement in the worst case.
For this reason, we recommend you to protect your pipes and the connected machinery from the beginning. Our softening plants will remove calcium and magnesium completely from your drinking water if wanted. You will never have to worry about lime again.

Complete softening plant package for building owners

Pipelines are not installed yet?

You are currently building a house and have not installed your pipes yet? Then our package for buliding owners will be just right for you.

Pipelines are already installed

Even if your pipes have already been installed, we will still have the perfect offer for you.


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