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Water analysis: Bacteria hygiene water test detecting coliform bacteria / E-coli / enterococci / pseudomonads / total bacteria count show product

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Ideal for drinking water from water pipes older than ten years or when the water is supposed to be used for baby food - water analysis: drinking water, 35 test values including: iron, manganese, nitrate, heavy metals

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Ideal for well or fountain water - water combination 1: drinking water analysis and bacteria test including among others: iron, manganese, nitrate, total coliforms show product

Service Water Analysis

Ordering your water analysis online - step by step:

  • first step: Your sample test set will be delivered to you within 24 hours from our partner labatory.
  • second step: Take the sample yourself. The delivered, easily understandable instruction booklet makes the sample taking really easy.
  • third step: Send the taken sample back with the prepared return material. You can see your test results online and will additionally receive an understandable recommendation for action.

Extremely important: clean tap water

Water is essential to every human. Depending on age and life circumstances, we need between 1 and 2,5 litres of drinking water a day. The water quality plays an important role - which does not only apply to our drinking water. The water we use to cook should be of good quality since a part of it is absorbed by vegetables, rice, and pasta. Especially people who want to live a healthy, conscious lifestyle and take special care of their nutrition for whatever reason should know the quality of their water which they use daily and regularly.

Risk factor: the way through the pipes

Bottled drinking water always has a guaranteed quality standard. Even tap water only leaves the waterworks after a handful of tests. But it can still absorb lots of harmful substances on the way to your home. An analysis of your drinking water at home can thus be very helpful. Which substances in your pipes are a threat to your drinking water? Especially old pipes made from harmful material and bacteria are potential threats to your water quality. Without water tests, germ often cannot be detected.

Heavy metals in drinking water

Before 1973, lead pipes were usually installed as pipes. They are now forbidden but can still be partly present in older buildings. Lead is a heavy metal with highly unhealthy effects. Especially babies, children, pregnant women and people with a previous illness are endangered by lead in the water. Lead is not the only dangerous metal inside tap water. An influx of nickel, copper and iron can also be caused by corrosion.

A water test, which can be ordered online and carried out easily in a few steps, shows exactly if and by how many metals your water is polluted.

How bacteria get inside drinking water

Bacterial pathogens inside pipe water are mostly E. coli or other  coliform bacteria. These are intestinal and faecal bacteria which can absorbed by drinking water due to ground water rise, dead rats, improper repair work or new connections. An infection with these bacteria can show through nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pains. It is especially endangering for elders, sick people, and babies. If coliform bacteria are found in drinking water, corresponding countermeasures can be taken to get to the bottom of the pollution.

Legionella - source of dangerous sicknesses

Legionella pollution of water is especially dangerous. These bacteria thrive in warm water. They are always present in ground water in very small numbers, but if they increase and get into the piping system, they can pose a big threat to health. Through aerosoles, they get into the human respiratory tract during showering or nebulisation, which can lead to lung inflammation. These infections are especially dangerous for immune-compromised people and children. They can even end deadly.

Why a water analysis is important

Every day our bodies absorb water from our pipes. This is the reason why an especially high quality is necessary. A water analysis makes it possible to quickly get to know if and by which substances or bacteria your piping water is polluted. After the results, corresponding countermeasures can be taken.

The water analysis is ordered online and practicable by everyone. The sample test set arrives by mail. The water is sent back to the lab after a sample was taken.

This easy process can be eventually be a big step towards a better preventive health care.

Water Analysis

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