Water treatment for steam boilers through reverse osmosis and mixed-bed resin for complete desalination

It is essential for steam boilers and generators to fully desalinate the water. This means that all existent salts are removed. The complete desalination of water is possible with a reverse osmosis plant and downstream mixed-bed resin. Alfiltra offers suitable systems for full desalination as complete packages.

Why should water for steam boilers or generators be fully desalinated?

In a boiler, especially in a steam generator, water tends to form layers and corrosion if mixed with salts. Over time salts accumulate because only chemically clean water leaks from the boiler through evaporation. This means that water needs to be piped into the boiler again. This is why the boiler needs to be cleaned from sedimented particles by a blowdown valve regularly.


*this picture shows a steam boiler, not a reverse osmosis plant


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