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Filtergröße: 10"
Filtrationsstärke: 5 µm
This sediment 5 micron polypropylene cartridge is the best solution for sediment filtration. It removes all types of mechanical impurities such as sand, rust, silt and other particles up to 5 µm show product

Accessories for reverse osmosis plants
You can find anything you need for your reverse osmosis plant here. During the process of reverse osmosis any unwanted liquidated substances in your water are removed mechanically. The water is filtered through a semipermeable membrane. Ultrapure drinking water is obtained through the osmotic effect. The filtered substances are not collected but piped into wastewater, which does not harm the environment. Reverse osmosis plants have established themselves worldwide and have proved themselves a million times. They are even used industrially to desalinate sea water. Only very few springs have the same purity as water gained through reverse osmosis.

Accessories for Reverse Osmosis