ALFILTRA DUPLEX water softening system



Professional double water softening system for single and multi-family homes, different capacities for every consumption and every water hardness, 24 hours a day soft water through second column, electronic control valve Clack WS1 TT, extremely economical, low maintenance, removes limescale (calcium and magnesium) verifiably

Domestic water filter / backwash filter in 1"

Salt for ion exchange systems

Connection sets with intersection 1"

Resin cleaning and disinfection for ion exchangers

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Available - Delivery between 7/19/24 and 7/22/24

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ALFILTRA Duplex 20 softening plantALFILTRA Duplex 40 softening plantALFILTRA Duplex 60 softening plantALFILTRA Duplex 80 softening plantALFILTRA Duplex 120 WS1-TT softenerALFILTRA Duplex 180 WS1-TT softenerALFILTRA Duplex 240 WS1-TT softener
 Guarantee 2 Jahre 2 Jahre 2 Jahre 2 Jahre 2 Jahre 2 Jahre 2 Jahre
 Water connection DN25 - 1'' DN25 - 1'' DN25 - 1'' DN25 - 1'' DN25 - 1'' DN25 - 1'' DN25 - 1''
 Power connection 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz
 Operating temperature (Max) 40° C 40° C 40° C 40° C 40° C 40° C 40° C
 Salting Sparbesalzung Sparbesalzung Sparbesalzung Sparbesalzung Sparbesalzung Sparbesalzung
 Operating pressure (min) 2,2 bar 2,2 bar 2,2 bar 2,2 bar 2,2 bar 2,2 bar 2,2 bar
 Operating pressure (Max) 8,0 bar 8,0 bar 8,0 bar 8,0 bar 8,0 bar 8,0 bar 8,0 bar
 Operating temperature (min) 5 °C 5 °C 5 °C 5 °C 5 °C 5 °C 5 °C
 Power consumption 5 Watt 5 Watt 5 Watt 5 Watt 5 Watt 5 Watt
 Amount of resin 2x 5 Liter 2x 10 Liter 2x 15 Liter 2x 20 Liter 2x 30 Liter 2x 45 Liter 2x 60 Liter
 Nominal flow (max. flow) 1,5 mÂł/h 1,6 mÂł/h 1,7 mÂł/h 1,8 mÂł/h 2,0 mÂł/h 2,3 mÂł/h
 Number of columns 2 (Pendel) 2 (Pendel) 2 (Pendel) 2 (Pendel) 2 (Pendel) 2 (Pendel)
 control valve Clack WS 1 TT Clack WS 1 TT Clack WS 1 TT Clack WS 1 TT Clack WS 1 TT Clack WS 1 TT Clack WS 1 TT
 Amount of water until regeneration with water hardness 16 °dH 1000 Liter pro Säule 2000 Liter pro Säule 3000 Liter pro Säule 4000 Liter pro Säule 6000 Liter pro Säule 9000 Liter pro Säule
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Descaling system test
Double systems DUPLEX
Water softening systems

Our double column water softener DUPLEX is ideal for very hard water and/or high water consumption

This fully automatic, two-column water softening system with electronic, water quantity-controlled control valve CLACK WS1-TT is simply installed in front of your existing domestic water network. The system uses the tried and tested ion exchange process and removes the hardness-forming substances and thus the limescale completely from your tap water if desired. In contrast to our basic softeners, the duplex systems have a second softening column. This enables an uninterrupted soft water supply, as the second column simply steps in during the regeneration phase of the first column. This is particularly advantageous in apartment buildings. An integrated safety float valve protects the salt container from overflow and the glass fiber reinforced pressure tank can withstand pressure surges of up to 16 bar. Thanks to our sophisticated ECO-INJECT SYSTEM, the system saves up to 50% salt and operates at almost maximum capacity.


  • NEW: Electronically quantity-controlled CLACK WS1-TT
  • Two softening columns for uninterrupted soft water supply and optimal capacity utilization
  • ECO-INJECT economy salting saves up to 50% salt with almost the same capacity
  • freely selectable capacity depending on your water hardness and consumption (see above)
  • Connections: 1" threaded connector made of shatter-proof plastic in professional quality
  • Residual hardness continuously adjustable via optionally available connection block with blending device
  • Glass fibre reinforced quality pressure tanks and separate salt tank
  • Plug & Play - The system comes to your home already pre-programmed
  • built according to DIN-1988, NFS-certified exchange resin
  • 2 years warranty (up to 7 years warranty with annual maintenance)

scope of delivery

  • Ready-to-use double water softening system consisting of two pressure tanks filled with special high-performance ion exchange resin and the special control valve CLACK WS1-TT
  • separate brine tank (the separate design allows for better room layout)
  • Safety float valve - Protects against overflow of the system
  • Operating and programming instructions

Please note: This system is supplied without connecting parts and without a waste water hose. You can find these above under accessories. There you will also find an assembly service if you require this.

If you would like to know more about how water softening works and the benefits it offers, please visit our water softening information pages .

The Alfiltra quality promise

Highest quality

  • Our systems are Made in Germany from our own production
  • Carefully selected materials for durability and reliability
  • Up to 7 years warranty on our systems with annual maintenance

Maximum security

  • Pay conveniently and securely by invoice, without financial risk
  • Positive customer reviews confirm the high level of satisfaction
  • Fast and uncomplicated help if something is not to your satisfaction

Competent team

  • Available throughout Germany for fast and competent service
  • 4 locations guarantee personal support and fast response times
  • If you have any questions or concerns, our support team is always available

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Latest Reviews

Raul I.
May 13, 2024
Variant: Duplex 180 WS1-TT softener
Very satisfied.
May 9, 2024
Variant: Duplex 40 WS1-TT softener
Very good product, easy to use.
Jörg S.
Mar 17, 2024
Variant: Duplex 40 WS1-TT softener
Everything was perfect, thank you very much đź‘Ť
Bastian S.
Jun 16, 2023
Variant: Duplex 20 WS1-TT softening system / decalcification system
Doesn't cause any problems
Ilias B.
Apr 27, 2023
Variant: Duplex 40 WS1-TT softener
Runs reliably, economically and safely. Recommended guaranteed...
Runs reliably, economically and safely. Recommendation guaranteed.
Michael B.
Feb 20, 2023
Variant: Duplex 20 WS1-TT softening system / decalcification system
Great advice, quick processing.
Heinz-Bernd G.
Feb 18, 2023
Variant: Duplex 60 WS1-TT softening system / decalcification system
Good system has been running well for 6 weeks now.
Jan 14, 2023
Variant: Duplex 40 WS1-TT softener
Jan 2, 2023
Variant: Duplex 40 WS1-TT softener
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Product: DUPLEX water softening system

2 upvotes 1 answers
Yes, we would be happy to offer you a suitable maintenance contract.

0 upvotes 1 answers

The DUPLEX softening system is designed so that the wastewater resulting from regeneration is drained away efficiently, even without the use of an additional pump. Thanks to the plant's advanced design and efficient use of existing water pressure, it is able to pump wastewater to a height of up to 2.5 meters.

This capability allows for flexible installation of the system as the wastewater hose can be connected directly to a higher wastewater pipe without the need for additional pumping devices. This represents a significant advantage by expanding installation options while keeping operating costs low as no additional energy is required for a wastewater pump.

However, please use an open system such as a funnel for the wastewater connection (the hose must be attached to prevent it from slipping out).

0 upvotes 1 answers
There are a few requirements that must be met so that the resin is not damaged (for example the correct pH value). For this reason, the systems are generally only suitable for drinking water. However, the exact values are important and there are options to adjust the values beforehand if desired. In such cases, we would be happy to make you an individual offer.

0 upvotes 1 answers

Double systems make optimal use of the capacity and require a little less salt, especially when consumption fluctuates. They also provide uninterrupted soft water, but are a little more expensive to purchase.

Double systems make sense in apartment buildings, hotels and in industry if consumption fluctuates greatly and/or soft water needs to be delivered reliably.

It always depends on the number of people and the water hardness, but we generally recommend a double system for apartment buildings.

0 upvotes 1 answers
This is usually 1 - 1.5 meters long. If necessary, we can also extend this individually, but it should not exceed a length of 3 meters.

0 upvotes 1 answers

For a 4-person household with a water hardness of 18-20 °dH, the basic system is generally an efficient choice, especially if there are no large consumers such as a pool. The Basic 40 offers an optimal solution for your needs as it is specifically tailored to water softening in households.

However, it is important to remember that the choice of investment should also take future needs into account. If there is a possibility that additional people could be added to your household, it is advisable to consider a system with a higher capacity to ensure efficient water softening in the long term.

In short, the Basic 40 is a solid and cost-effective choice for your current needs, but the decision should also take potential future needs into account.

0 upvotes 1 answers
With the Duplex 20, around 1 bag of salt (25 kg) fits into the salt container (Duplex 40, 60 and 80: 3 bags, Duplex 120 and 180: 4 bags). You will also find this information clearly presented in the technical data sheet for the respective system.

0 upvotes 1 answers

Yes, our duplex systems are perfect for such applications.

The duplex can manage apartment buildings with irregular water consumption, large garden irrigation, pools, etc. without any problems. However, it depends on the right capacity.

You can either use our calculator or we will be happy to make you a suitable offer and find the right system for you.

0 upvotes 1 answers
Yes, we install our systems nationwide. We have our own assembly team who will carry out this for you. Take a look at our carefree packages or ask us for an individual offer.

0 upvotes 1 answers

You cannot screw it directly to the wall as the plastic would not be able to withstand the weight of the salt.
Of course, you can screw a pedestal or shelf onto the wall that supports the specified weight and place the container on it. How heavy the salt container is depends on the size of the system. You can find this data in the technical data sheet.

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