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Resin volume 12 liters, battery-run digital conductance meter at the outlet. Connections PVC threadings 3/4" inside the floor area. Flow rate 0,2 - 0,45 m³/h, measurements: Ø x height 220 x 1030 mm (without connections)

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Full desalination cartridge made out of GFK, filled with ready to use, regenerable mixed-bed resin (first fill with new resin). Suitable for the Alfiltra-Quick-Exchange exchange system

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Vollentsalzungsanlagen mit Mischbettharz

Complete desalination through mixed bed resin

The complete desalination is even more thorough than reverse osmosis because any alkaline earths salts are filtered. Contrary to water decalcification, both cations and anions are eliminated. The result of a complete desalination is pure water (high-purity water) which leaves no traces at all, is slightly acidic through the lack of alkaline earth salts and does not conduct electricity.

Due to its particular characteristics, high-purity water is mainly suitable for industrial purpose, since it can be used to clean surfaces without leaving any traces. Good examples would be solar cells, car washes and any other large businesses. Even in the catering area a mixed bed resin can be an advantage because industrial dishwashers often use the same water over and over again which needs to be cleaned again and again and cannot leave any spots on glasses and tableware.

Mixed bed cartridges are unsuitable for the production of drinking water because they remove all important substances from the water. Through this lack of substances carbon dioxide is no longer blocked which leads to a lower pH level (below 7 pH). This water is acidic and over some time even harmful to health. For the purification of your drinking water we recommend softening, desinfection, denitration, or reverse osmosis plants.

Our mixed bed cartridges can be connected to softening and reverse osmosis plants but function individually, too. If the mixed bed cartridge is used with untreated water the cartridge is worn out faster, which requires more frequent maintenance. If it is connected to one of our plants, the cartridge is only flushed with cleaned water, which is the reason why the cartridges last longer.

Mixed Bed Resin