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Anzahl Säulen: 1 (Basic)
Wasseranschluss: DN25 - 1''
Steuerventil: Clack WS 1
Nenndurchfluss (max. Durchfluss):
Fully automatic, single-column water softener and denitratization plant inside cabinet housing, with electronic, water-dependent control valve Clack WS1-Cl. Safety float valve to prevent overflow of the salt container. Reinforced quality pressure tank up to 16 bar. show product

Filtration systems Iron and Nitrate Filters Nitrate Filters

Remove sodium from your drinking water

Nitrate Removal Plants are of the works in exactly the same way as our water softeners. Through the ion exchange process, sodium is removed from the water. Our systems are currently available only on request.

Nitrate Filters

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