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WORLD DEBUT against legionella and any other bacteria. 100% safety against legionella, coli and e-coli germs. Complete reduction of biofilms without use of hazardous substances and heat treatment. Extremely low dosing requirement.

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Our reliable solution against legionella

The FILTRAPROTECT LEGIONELLA system is placed in the existing pipe network. The dosing system continuously adds a certain amount of BAXERO to your drinking water. BAXERO is a new and innovative solution for the complete destruction of biofilm. BAXERO complies with the drinking water ordinance and fulfills all relevant legal requirements.

Advantages of BAXERO

  • water disinfection with depot effect
  • complete depletion of biofilms without use of any hazardous substances or heat treatment
  • resource-saving through low application concentration
  • reliable legionella prevention even in cold water pipes 
  • non-poisonous, pollution-free and pH-neutral
  • no known resistances
  • suitable with chlorine intolerance

Legionella Protection Systems